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I'm a creative director based out of Toronto, Canada, who's passionate about helping organizations create exceptional brand experiences.

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Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan

UX, UI and Design

Explore my UX work, from Enterprise to apps


Simplifying the complex

How I simplified the way Ontario Teachers' communicates about inflation and sustainability


Turning pixels into 30,000 bikes

How my team built an online gaming experience with a charitable component that sent bicycles to the children of Ghana


Ticketing legendary landmarks

Creating the ticketing engine that powered Jack Daniels' concerts at American landmarks.



My beliefs


I help brands achieve transformational experiences through leading-edge design

Impact & Value

I am driven to create work of enduring impact and value

Process makes perfect

Great work comes from applying the tools of Design Thinking

Info, insight & instinct

I ground my design work in research, usability and experience

Candor builds trust

Being frank makes for better culture and collaboration

Grow your team

Great teams grow through sharing, inspiration and generous listening


Silver Leaf Award of Excellence for Financial Communication

Best Microsite - Gold Winner

Digital Content Award of Merit

Best Associations Website

Microsite Gold Award

2016 Gold Award of Excellence: Online Video

Best Video - Motion Graphic Explanation (Gold Award)

Best Associations Online Campaign

Digital Video Animation Award

Best Associations Online Campaign