Cadbury Bicycle Factory UX/ Front-end

Cadbury created a charitable campaign where for each chocolate bar bought, a bicycle would be donated to children in Ghana. There was just one problem, an old-fashioned interface that lacked user experience.

The challenge

Cadbury Bicycle Factory UX/ Front-end

Cadbury approached The Hive to transform the user experience from an outdated UPC entry form to a fully–interactive mobile gaming experience.

My work:

  • transformed bicycle-building into an online gaming experience
  • attracted teachers and students through teamwork and play
  • defied the conventions of the time for HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT

Prototypes & UX

My team ran experiments to test the gaming mechanics. Once a prototype was deemed successful, we moved onto the next challenge. Through rapid iteration, we transformed simple shapes into a virtual bicycle factory.

Throughout the iteration phases, we mapped out every piece of the UX puzzle, from the main interface to all compliance items.

Wireframe for the Bicycle Factory

Building the factory

After an explosive, rapid-fire development cycle, we soft-launched the Factory to tighten up any loose bolts.

Using all hands at the agency, my team tested for bugs and any unclear UI. This resulted in content, design and flow changes, which ultimately led to a much better product.

The results

  • Over 3 million bicycle parts assembled on the
  • Over 30,000 bicycles have been delivered to the children of Ghana
  • The site codebase is still being used, 6 years later