The challenge

Ontario Teachers' Inflation Campaign, 2016–17 Creative Direction

Before 2016, Ontario Teachers' communicated about plan inflation via talking heads, jargon-filled explainers and over-animated charts.

When plan users logged in to see their yearly inflation rates, they were confused about the impact on their pensions.

My challenge was to:

  • Redesign how the organization communicated about inflation and pensions
  • Use storytelling to simplify the message
  • Humanize the language and tone
  • Personalize the user experience
  • Go light on developer resources

Organize, analyze, focus

My process starts with brain-dumping data points, grouping them into themes, and assigning priorities. Through Design Thinking, the content hierarchy becomes clear and is ready to be married with metaphor.

Finding the right story

How do we make inflation simple? By telling a story. I created 'the forest of sustainability' as a whimsical metaphor to explain the ups and downs of inflation in a changing economic climate.

Hope the Hedgehog navigated the ins and outs of pension plans to arrive at a financially viable retirement.

Always experiment

From sliders to animated charts, I designed interactive features to enhance user engagement.

Explore 2016 campaign microsite

Evolving through analytics

The 2016 campaign was a success, but our analytics showed room for improvement.

Most members engaged with 6-7 screens, which became the new threshold for the 2017 campaign.

We added video, which became the most watched video in Ontario Teachers' history.

Explore 2017 campaign microsite

Campaign results

  • Users reported a record-breaking 97% average for comprehension, ease and likeability
  • Customer service calls were reduced by 30% from previous years
  • Won a total of 7 communication and design awards